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Writing fiction has always been my first love. But I’m also a personal development and productivity geek. I spend much of my life actively trying to make it better. Sometimes that means changing habits, sometimes it means learning new skills. The one area I always neglected until recently was my health.

After reading about the dangers of added sugar in our diet, I decided to eliminate it from my own. The process should have been simple, but it was surprisingly difficult. No one I spoke to had been able to sustain it for long. So, I took the same approach that I had previously taken in other areas of my life: I broke it down to look at the parts underneath, then came up with a strategy for change.

Then I wrote a book about it:


A humorous and honest guide to eliminating sugar from your diet. For good.

Quitting sugar in the real world is hard. Sugar is everywhere and your friends think you’re mad for not eating cake. You’ve done the 8 week detox plan and part of you still craves chocolate so much that you develop a mild twitch when you see a brightly coloured wrapper on the shelves in front of you.

Deeply addictive, sugar is everywhere. Even added to the most unlikely foods, the majority of us exceed the recommended daily intake without even realising it. Instead of teaching you how to cook fake cake, or pretending that quinoa really is an exciting grain that will revolutionise your view on salads, this book guides you through the myths about sugar in our food and through the realities of addiction. The 9 step action plan then helps you make the change and really stick to it.
Even if you’re not quite ready to eliminate all sugar from your life, this book contains practical tips to help you shop wisely, create good habits and sustain better lifestyle choices.

The paperback edition includes blank pages and examples to help you analyse your behaviours and face up to your bad habits, allowing you to document your journey to a sugar-free lifestyle.

You can buy The Realist’s Guide To Sugar Free here.

So maybe you fell off the healthy living wagon. I know I do frequently – I’m only human. Maybe you’re going strong with the sugar-free diet, but there’s something else that you’re struggling with. Regardless of what you want to achieve in life, or when in the year you want to make a change, there are some sneaky things you can do to make your own life easier.

Who doesn’t want easier? I know I want to get the biggest return on my time and energy. So I put wrote a book to share the things I have learned over my many years of setting, failing and then achieving my goals:

A humorous and honest guide to achieving more (and not feeling guilty about doing less!)

Making resolutions is easy. Starting them with a New Year hangover is hard. Keeping them going when the motivation starts to fade? That part is near impossible.

No matter what time of year, this book contains simple steps to not only set effective goals, but also create the habits and routines you need to follow through. We all need a roadmap sometimes and this one will help you create the life you want. Struggle with commitment? Congratulations, you’re human. Motivation never lasts? Understand how it works and why it’s not as important as you think it is.

Want to do something, but don’t have much time? Don’t worry, this book is about being effective, not busy. Have a dream but don’t know where to start? There’s a section on how to plan and create timescales. Tried something before but you always fail? See how to take a cold, hard look at yourself and learn from the past. Basically, I don’t really care what your excuse is. It’s time to get stuff done.

If you want to stop smoking, lose weight, get fitter, improve your career prospects or simply finish a project that’s been hanging around on your to do list for the past ten years, this book will give you the kick up the backside you’ve been looking for.

You can buy The Realist’s Guide To Resolutions here.