A Thought on Politics

More than ever, I think the world is dividing not into left and right, as we in the modern world have come to identify it, but something that can span either.

Britain voting to leave the EU is one indication. The rise of Trump as an unqualified (in all ways that matter) candidate now worryingly close to be elected as president of the United States is another.

The divide to me is simple: those who fear the ‘other’, lack empathy and do not like change line up on one side. They can traditionally have voted one way or the other, it doesn’t matter. Their core beliefs are those. Then, on the other side, there are those who see a bigger world, who understand that without change there cannot be growth, who can empathise with an experience that is not their own easily.

When political commentators have been breaking down into old versus young, educated versus uneducated, this is the core of what lies beneath. This is the world we are on the cusp of shaping. This is not politics at all; it is where society is failing to address fear at its root and now – like fear always does – it is spreading like a cancer.

It’s easy to despair if you’re not on the side of anger and rage against the world. Instead, we all have our bit to work towards being kinder to each other and not turning a blind eye to bigotry and injustice because it is not *our* issue directly.

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