Cookies and Creme and… allowed?

I’ve got a week of driving from site to site ahead of me, so I thought I’d share this snack hack I’ve been using to stay on the sugar-free wagon:

Fist of power!

Fist of power!

I first heard about Quest bars on the Cortex podcast. Generally speaking, if something gets the CGP Grey seal of approval then that’s good enough for me.

They’re pricey (as are all protein bars) but worth it when you consider them as a meal replacement. I’ve been using Quest bars fairly consistently all summer as they don’t include a lot of carbs and sugars like many protein bars. So I can eat them without ruining the sugar-free lifestyle I’ve been maintaining for a year now. They have a whole range of flavours, but so far, cookies & creme is the clear winner. I’ve still to get my hands on the peanut butter version though, so that could quickly change…

I know a chocolate bar or a dodgy fast food lunch would give me the instant pick-up feeling, but that’s really not in keeping with what I want to get out of my life. Instead, the protein keeps me feeling full and my brain actually working through the afternoon, when the slump traditionally kicks in. So a massive thumbs up from me.

I’m not in any way affiliated with Quest, but I’m always keen to share anything that I think is helpful. So that’s my Monday snack hack to start a busy week off right!


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