Writing YA in Lake Garda

So, I’m in that flush stage of starting a new WIP and as so often happens with anything I write, it has a slightly warmer location than miserable old England. Which, of course, is making me think about holidays, which made me start going through my old photos. Jumping back to the top of places to visit: Lake Garda, Italy. I might try and squeeze in a trip later this year…

Lake Garda Italy


Down to the last page!

There is something so wonderful and relaxing about sitting at the edge of the Lakes. Even though I have been there a couple of times, usually at the height of the tourist season, there is still a sense of peace there. I also completely conceived the plot of the YA novel I am currently submitting there. I remember vividly coming to the end of the Moleskine I was using at the time (pre Field Notes!), my writing getting smaller and smaller in the hope I would be able to get it all down before I got to the last page. I did – just about – but was willing to write on the cover if necessary.

It’s been nearly fifteen years since travel and writing somehow became inextricably intertwined for me. It’s a beautiful combination that I hope I always get to enjoy and continue to be inspired and motivated by. Plus, pasta, pizza and good wine. What’s not to love?


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