Gelato and culture in Venice

I’ve been thinking so much about returning to Italy this year. It has been a couple of years since I’ve visited and whilst I love Venice, it is probably time to visit somewhere new.  Sitting here thinking about my holidays and travel plans for the next six months, it felt like a nice time to do a bit of a Throwback Thursday to gelato and pizza.

Pretty much any post about Venice focuses first on the gondolas. So I thought I’d do something a bit different and mention the cramped stores in cobbled streets that have an amazing display of masks. The Masquerade ball was a huge part of Renaissance Italy and I love the intricacy and delicacy of the masks on display.

MasquaradeMasquerade Dress

I just loved walking the streets peering in windows, and it certainly goes on my things to do in Venice list.

There is simply so much culture and architecture to absorb, it is almost impossible to do in a single trip. Everywhere you look, you remember why Italy was the hub of culture at one point in time. It is so unique, so beautiful, that I’ve never been to anywhere in the world that has moved me as much in this way.

Venice architecture

Admit it though, this is the real reason you’re still reading. The food porn shot. No memories of Venice would be complete without memories of gelato, sold on every street, a swathe of colours and flavours.

Mmmmmmm gelato

Mmmmmmm gelato

St Marks Square is a tourist hotspot and everything costs up to four times the price you would be charged elsewhere, but sometimes it’s worth it. I loved getting a cone, a couple of flavours and then walking to bench somewhere in the sun and just soaking up the atmosphere. If you go at the height of the season it can be uncomfortably manic. At quieter times though, if the sun gods still shine down on you, it can be a little piece of paradise…


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