Ted Talk Discovery: Anand Varma and his bees

Ted Talks are one of the most amazing resources available to anyone who has free access to the internet. Just about anything you want to know, someone has probably done a TED talk about it. Whilst most of the time I search for things that relate directly to either creativity or productivity, I occasionally stumble across something else entirely.

Which is how I discovered Anand Varma’s talk on bees. It’s really short (around 10 minutes) and you can get to it here: take me to the bees. Anand has some really stunning photography included as part of his talk, which is always amazing to see when you’re working with nature at that macro level.

I’ve been following the decline of the bee population for quite some time. It is one of those threats to humanity that we don’t seem to take seriously enough. But when a bunch of these critters are responsible for a third of the world’s pollination, the act of which we require to survive if we ever want to eat anything that isn’t cow, it’s worth thinking about.

It’s great to see that scientists are doing what they can to prevent bees (and therefore ourselves) from potentially dying out. I like that a tempered note was included with the sentiment; it seems that selective breeding has already produced consequences in the form of angry bees. Given that humans have been playing around with breeding for as long as we’ve been able to spot a couple of strong plants or animals and force them into cuddling, it’s good to see that the potential for disaster as a result of our meddling is being acknowledged as freely as the potential for good. All too often in history, the quest for one thing has blinded us to considering the consequences. Guys who released Cane Toads into Australia, I’m looking at you.

Either way, I hope the bee population remains vibrant (and gentle) for a good many years to come.

You can check out more of Anand’s photography at varmaphoto.com

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