Review: Field Notes – Ambition Edition

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Field Notes Ambition Edition is one of my favourites. It was this edition that has finally made me a colors subscriber.

Presence of hedgehog makes it even better

Presence of hedgehog makes it even better

They have been pushing the boundaries of what they could do with Field Notes over the past few editions, so I was wondering just how far they would be able to go with the winter release. There is a fine line between genius and crazy and part of me has been dreading them crossing it. Instead, by going with the three different types of notebooks in one pack, I think they’ve managed to hit a sweet spot.

The memo book itself is a lovely colour (wine) and more importantly for me, uses grid paper. I love grid and the form factor and size makes it perfect for an everyday carry bullet journal:

Field Notes Memo Book

Secondly, and a sensible one for the time of year, I can certainly see the appeal of the 56 Week date book. They’ve also avoided actually dating the pages which, given the fact that anyone who regularly buys Field Notes is likely to work through their existing pack before opening the next one, means it is not rendered immediately useless if that doesn’t happen until March:

Field Notes Date Book

Finally, the ledger book. Now, this one causes me a bit of a dilemma. I really like it, but I’m not sure how to use it. Not in a way that is anything other than a regular notebook, which almost feels a bit of a waste. I’m not that into sport, and all my financials are done on a spreadsheet. If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know, as I’m struggling a bit to come up with something creative.

Field Notes Ledger

After the brightness of Unexposed, I love the muted colours of these books. They work with the gold trim to create a old school sense of style which I’m very comfortable with. Also the sound of that trim cracking as you open the pages for the first time is intensely satisfying in a way that only notebook addicts will understand. I can see them coming out at work without causing any raised eyebrows (Unexposed was about as far from corporate as you can get without spitting in the eye of your CEO).

Thanks of course go to Mr Brad Dowdy, the Pen Addict himself, for getting me interested in Field Notes in the first place. You should check out his website if you haven’t already. Without him, I would be emotionally poorer (but certainly financially richer…)

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