It’s time for a Time Out

This year has been a crazy and exciting year for me. I’ve circumnavigated the globe, changed jobs, become self-employed as well, and walked hand-in-hand with people who are going through things much worse than anything I have had to deal with.

There comes a natural point in which I realise I need to take a time out. It happens every year, usually much earlier than this, but putting it off any longer is futile. I need to unplug from the world, reassess where my life is going and how to make the most of the few weeks which remain before the end of the year.

Research is mounting up to show that not enough people are doing this. One of the leading causes of burnout, people are simply not stepping away from the world of work, the drama of their social lives, or even the constant bombarding of information from the internet. People are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded and it is pushing so many people down the road of unhappiness. Even the fact I’m sharing this in a blog post is indicative of the ubiquitous pressure to connect and share with the world at large. Don’t get me wrong, connections are very valuable and an essential part of life, but is this just the written version of the selfie?

For the past ten years (at least), I have put great faith in stepping away from it all for at least two consecutive weeks each year. Time to read, time to be creative and thing of new projects I want to tackle. There is nothing like being freed from your daily obligations to get the creative juices flowing. It has always been of great benefit in my work life too, allowing me to successfully cope with the pressure of day jobs which have been a vortex for my time and energy. Thankfully, that hasn’t been the case as much this year, which – hopefully – means it should take even less time to unwind and relax.

I have picked out my selection of books to read (fiction and non-fiction for variety), a couple of notebooks to both journal in and devise cunning plots, and a determination to remove that little wireless button from my life for a bit.

There may also be cocktails, but maybe not. That’s just part of the freedom to do what I want to do.


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