Book Review: Brilliant Freelancer

On a recent trip to my local library, I picked up Brilliant Freelancer by Leif Kendall. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but being British, things such as marketing myself have never sat that comfortably with me.

Nevertheless, it seemed like an interesting book to give me a bit of an overview and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Whilst there were the standard ‘of course you can do it’ messages – no one wants to push failure and inadequacy after all – it was refreshingly realistic. It posed the simple message that if you tried it and it didn’t work out then it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Even if you tried it, were hugely successful at it but didn’t enjoy it, then that was okay too.

Brilliant Freelancer

The book itself is divided up into sensible chapters and sub-grouped into key areas. It is all pretty high level stuff, but I think that is actually a strength. When you are first dipping your toes into the water with this kind of thing, having everything laid out before you in excruciating detail is more likely to simply induce fear and lead to trying absolutely nothing. Instead, chapters on how to find the most profitable and manageable work sat comfortably alongside how to motivate yourself and get stuff done. Being a self-employed writer is a road I am only just beginning to walk down, so I am happy with the baby steps for now.

Whilst this book wouldn’t serve as your only guide to freelancing ever, it was certainly a handy reference point to begin. If you are thinking about a strategy or just whether or not it is feasible to even do any self-employed work, this book will give you just enough information to hold the fear at bay so you can begin.


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