Things To Do In Queenstown: Fergburger

When someone told me I had to have a Fergburger in Queenstown, I thought they were having a joke at my expense. Or perhaps being euphemistic about something incredibly rude. Especially as it was supposed to be the best in the world.

True, I think we could make Ferburger a verb if we have to. But what they were actually referring to was a very real burger joint.

The first trip was a washout as I was far too hungry. By 5pm there was already a long line and then a further forty minutes wait once you’d placed your order before the burger was due to arrive. I opted for something else instead, with the cunning intention of coming back the next day for an early lunch.

Convinced I’d be okay (after all, Queenstown is a backpacker hotspot and no self-respecting backpacker would be up before noon, right?), I turned up at 11:30. There was already a line and a twenty minute wait. Determined not to leave town without getting fergburgered, I placed my order and then dutifully took a walk around town for a while until it was done. Was it worth the wait?



I’ve eaten in burger places all over the world. A good burger is an amazing thing. I’d give this one a 9/10 score. With a reputation for being one of the best burgers in the world, I can see how they manage it.

Firstly, the meat was pink and juicy, rather than the overcooked brown shoe leather of most places. A good chunky ketchup and a garlic aioli gave it the required condiment kick. There was a decent amount of salad and the bun was sturdy. It held its shape and contents right through to the last bite, despite the meat juice/sauce to bread ratio. Even the side order of fries was pretty good. I had the fergburger with cheddar option, but there were plenty of others on the menu I’d choose if I was staying there for a while.

So, I would definitely add this to the list of things to do if you’re in Queenstown. Just be prepared to wait if you expect to stroll up to the doors and grab something to eat.

Pro tip: phone your order in, then stroll down when you’re ready and save yourself the long line.

4 thoughts on “Things To Do In Queenstown: Fergburger

    1. sherrinicholds Post author

      I saw the bakery but hadn’t heard any recommendations for it, so thought it might be them just cashing in on the hype. Good to know its worth it for next time though, thanks!


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