Book Review: My Spiritual Journey by The Dalai Lama

Having joined the library as a ‘must do’ after my move, I decided to use the opportunity to get hold of books that I might not have taken the time to purchase when I was living back in England. As with the rest of this move, it is all about embracing the new.

Which led me to picking up My Spiritual Journey by The Dalai Lama. Disclosure: I am not a religious person. I was not brought up in a religious family, but was always told to go out and see for myself what was out there.

That said, the most interesting bit of the book that I found was not actually to do with religion or the spiritual journey of The Dalai Lama (although it was informative and excellently translated into English). No, for me the most interesting was his role as the spiritual leader of Tibet. I have always been fascinated by the intersection between religion and politics and this was an excellent example. Although obviously biased, this was well enough written to make me feel moved on behalf of the Tibetan people.

Likewise, the destruction described of the natural environment of Tibet – which I am assuming to be true given what we know about Chinese industrialisation and deforestation as a whole – left me feeling extremely sad that this would be the case.

Overall, I would give this 7/10 – the loss of marks mainly due to the repetition of several of the key themes. Not one to be dismissed if you are a person of a different faith, as the tone of this book throughout is entirely inclusive.

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