Happy Waitangi Day

Yesterday was Waitangi Day here in New Zealand. Whilst I find it odd to have a public holiday on a Thursday, I certainly have no complaints.

The weather was amazing, so we decided to have dinner in the park. Which was a perfect excuse to have a meal from what is consistently voted the top eatery in Christchurch: Pedro’s House Of Lamb.

Pedro’s does only one thing, and it does it well. You guessed it, lamb. All from a venue that can only be described as unassuming:



Don’t let appearances fool you. Yes, there is only one thing on the menu, but when something this simple is done so perfectly, there really is no need for anything else. So tonight’s (and every night’s) offering is a whole shoulder of lamb laid on a generous helping of potatoes, all seasoned with garlic and rosemary:



This is (I think), aimed at four people, but the fact there was only two of us was hardly going to be a deterrent. Safe to say, we managed to finish it all whilst sitting on our little bench in the sun, enjoying the park ahead of us. Plus the following picture not only reeks of satisfaction, it gives you a sense of scale that the above picture doesn’t…


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