Lazy weekends in Christchurch, New Zealand

One thing I wanted to make the most of while I have some downtime here in Christchurch was the outdoor activities. Not necessarily the intense ones, like cycling and hiking, but the slightly more relaxing ones.

The lead up to coming here was pretty manic, with very little downtime. One thing that being a productivity geek has taught me over the years is the value of that time. The holiday. The time when you completely unplug from work and real life and take some time for dreaming and planning. That little bit of ‘me’ time. Careful planning was important in making this change of life move, but having the space to dream big about it first was the cornerstone.

So, this weekend, while the weather was fine, I managed to take some time out to do just that. First was the Sparks In The Park which had music (some good, some odd) and The Topps Twins (clearly a national institution here but a bit bewildering to the likes of me). As always there was good food, good company and even some lucky people who got to view the whole thing from a hot air balloon:


As you can see, the weather was perfect.

Sunday continued in much the same vein, with the joy of a picnic in the botanic gardens with a few hours of live music playing in the background. There was also free chicken apparently, but it was too hot to stand in a queue on the hope of a free skewer or two. Not when I could be sitting back, planning the outline for the next major thing I intend to write. It is still in the early stages, but the seed of the idea is there and it is beginning to take root.

So, did I have a lazy weekend? Clearly, yes. But in the grand scheme of things, it was both creative and productive as well.



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