About eight weeks ago, a ball started suddenly rolling that has found me leaving a stable job, upping sticks and moving from my nondescript town in England to Christchurch, New Zealand. Needless to say, the preparation time for what can only be considered a momentous, life-changing event was fairly limited.

It has, however, given me an unexpected opportunity to focus on my writing full time, if only for a little while. Where this will ultimately lead I don’t know, but for now I am simply embracing each day for whatever it is.

So, I find myself here for the second time in my life, having first visited Christchurch about nine years ago. That was pre earthquake times and to say it is now a completely different city is somewhat of an understatement. Strange too, that I am here in a non-standard capacity. I don’t have the transient outlook of a backpacker, approaching every sight as an experience to be filed away as a memory before moving on. As it is also unlikely I will be moving on before July, I don’t fall into the slightly more grown up ‘tourist’ category either. Until I get something more concrete than making up worlds whilst in coffee shops, I don’t really classify as a typical worker either.

Hence I find myself trying to fit in to a city that seems just as unsure of itself as I do.

Wide, four lane roads often are shut down to a single carriageway, with the odd car passing here and there. Everywhere rings with the sound of rebuilding but very little actually looks like it has made it to the other side. Entire blocks have been flattened with occasional buildings in the middle remaining as stark and proud survivors.

So, I’ve started this blog to document my time here. It’s not just from a travel perspective, but also to cover my writing as well as my fascination with all things productivity related. A bit of a mish-mash then, rather than driven and focussed but that doesn’t matter to me so much right now. My life and home no longer fit into a nice neat box, so I don’t see why this should either.

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